Saturday, September 1, 2012

March 2011 #1 - ON MAGGIE'S WATCH


Author: Ann Wertz Garvin

Publisher: Penguin Group

Copyright: 2010

ISBN: 978-0-425-23678-9

Audience: Adult

Setting: Wisconsin

1st Sentence:
"Wash your hands and say your prayers, 'cause Jesus and germs are everywhere!"

Why I chose this book: This book was for my library's book discussion group and it was a book I chose because it was a debut novel which I love to read.

Why I read it to the end: The book was slow starting out as Maggie, seven months pregnant, moves home to her small town in Wisconsin and revitalizes the Neighborhood Watch. Good thing because there is a sex offender in their midst. As the book progressed it picked up steam and by the last page I was sad to say goodbye to the quirky characters. The other members of the book discussion group did not like it and found Maggie to be a very one dimensional character without many likeable qualities. But I know pregnant ladies can get weird so maybe that was her deal...

Rating: 3/5

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